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Pastorie van Merkem

In de Pastorie van Merkem, the Rectory of Merkem, with its walled garden, pond and farmyard animals you will definitely enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Flanders Fields, de Westhoek.

The Great War

Located between the cities of Ypres and Diksmuide, the Pastorie van Merkem, is an ideal base for those who want to get to know the 'Great War'. The many scars of this war are still visible in the landscape.

The Good Life

Flanders Fields, de Westhoek, is the ideal place to enjoy the good life. Beer lovers should visit the famous Fathers of Westvleteren, the Dolle Brouwers in Esen, Saint Bernard in Watou or the Rodenbach Brewery in Roeselare. Gourmets will love the many culinary restaurants in the area.

Cycling Network

The numerous cycling and hitchhiking paths allow you to visit Flanders Fields at your own pace. The Rectory is located on the cycle and hiking network, making it easy to create your own route.
Bikes and motorcycles can be put in a locked storage room. You can loan our cycling and hiking maps for free.

Fauna and Flora

In Flanders Fields, nature is always close by. The Ijzerbroeken and the natural reserve De Blankaart are within walking distance.

The Belgian Coast and Northern-France

The 25 kilometers of shoreline offer a variaty of posibilities: Nieuwpoort, Koksijde and De Panne. Just over the border (in France), you can discover many forgotten villages. Bergues, Saint Omer and Bailleul are a must. Lille has also much to offer, as it the capital of French-Flanders.